A subject such as Society/Religion and Spirituality is almost unlimited in scope and not easy to handle. This is because while society is intricately linked to religion, spirituality is a matter of the mind and is linked to the uniqueness of every individual. There are a lot of differences between the two and any attempt to precisely define them will have many hurdles primarily because they are beliefs and emotions rather than tangible and measurable commodities and cold statistics.

Hence our blog site is unique in its own right. We will explore the various angles of our niche through blogs that have been thoroughly researched by our team of writers. Simply dealing with Religion as a topic is no mean task. There are religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism with billions of followers and Judaism and Zoroastrian for instance with limited believers. But for us, every religion is given its due importance. Our bloggers delve into the origins and birth of various religions and their sub-sects and present write-ups that are as informative as they are illuminative.

Such blogs are immensely beneficial for those who would want to know more on religion, a topic that is more followed than analysed and understood. Simultaneously we will offer insights how society responds to religion, the rites, the superstitions and the festivities. Faith as our readers know is often to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Spirituality on the other hand is altogether a different concept. While religion bounds you to a set of rules and offers guidance on how to live under fear of retribution in case of any deviation, spirituality sets you free and encourages you do what your heart desires and what you feel is right. It is all about answering the call of your inner being without promise of any reward or punishment.

These and many more concepts on society/religion and spirituality will be discussed through incisive and analytical blogs on our site.